How to operate PARENTAL CONTROL?


  1. Press the 'MENU' button, then press cursor up/down to select FEATURES and press cursor right.
  2. Press cursor up/down to select PARENTAL CONT. and press cursor right.
  3. When the message ACCESS CODE appears on the screen, enter the four-digit code using the ‘0-9’ buttons.
  4. Press cursor up/down in the PARENTAL CONT. options to select either LOCK PROGRAM, CHANGE CODE, UNLOCK ALL or LOCK ALL.
  5. Press the 'i+' button to exit the menu.

Note: If you have forgotten the access code, enter the universal code 0711 twice, ignore the message INCORRECT on the screen after the first attempt, then enter an easily remembered new four-digit code and enter the new code the second time to confirm it.

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