During the installation of SCSI host adaptor, window pops out saying that the operation cannot complete


To re-install drivers:

  1. Disconnect your PSA player, insert the installation CD into your CD ROM. The installation menu will display automatically and at the same time an application will run at the background checking whether a driver have been previous installed on the PC. 
  2. Click OK to remove driver else the installation of driver will start automatically. 
  3. Select language 
  4. Select to install Musicmatch Jukebox 7.1 with the RUSH Plug in or only have the plug in installed if you already have a higher version of Musicmatch Jukebox in your computer. 
  5. Once the driver, Musicmatch and the plug in are installed, you may hook up the unit for downloading of music files. 
  6. In the process of installation, in some Windows OS you may be prompted for drivers location or file needed. Direct the computer to search for the driver at your hard disk with the path c:\\program file\\Philips\\RUSH (64MB) or RUSH (128MB)\\ 
  7. Some OS may also prompt you a message on Microsoft digital signature or logo testing, please ignore the message by clicking YES or CONTINUE ANYWAY to continue. 
  8. Restart your computer again and hook up your psa player to the computer with USB cable. 
  9. Launch Windows Explorer to drag and drop music files onto the player labelled as REMOVABLE DRIVE.

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