Wireless Connection if you want to connect Music Center to a Wireless Router/Wireless Access Point or an existing Wireless Network.


  1. Check you have finished the Wi-Fi connection between WAC5 Center and WAS5 (or WAS700) Station.
  2. Check your WAC5 Center is switched on or to standby mode.
  3. Switch on the PC with administrator's privileges.
  4. Close all the applications on your PC, including the internet connection.
  5. Connect the supplied Ethernet cable (straight cable) to Center’s ETHERNET port.
  6. Insert the installer CD into your PC and select your desired language.


  7. Select Express Installation.


  8. Check the wireless router/access point is working properly. Write down its SSID and also the WEP or WPA key if it is enabled in the router/access point.
  9. In Software Installation page, click to select Music Center connect to Wireless Network

  10. When prompted by the installation wizard, ensure the supplied Ethernet cable (straight cable) is connected to Center’s ETHERNET port.
  11. When the screen on the right appears
    • Input the SSID you wrote down
    • In WLAN mode, click Infrastructure mode
    • Input the WEP or WPA key you wrote down


  12. Follow the screen instructions to finish the PC connection. The screen shows: The WiFi settings of Music Center have been changed. ......
  13. To apply new settings, you need to power off WAC5 Center and Station, and then power it on again.
    • On Center
      1. Select HD.
      2. Press MENU.
      3. Use the navigation controls and to enter Station Mgnt menu.
      4. In Station Mgnt menu, use the navigation controls and to select Add New Station.
      5. Press STOP to exit Installation Mode when Center has found all the stations.

    • On Station
      1. Select AUX.
      2. Press MENU.
      3. Use the navigation controls and to select Installation Mode

  14. Click Next to start DMM installation. The icon appears on your computer desktop after DMM installation is finished.
  15. Disconnect the supplied Ethernet cable from your PC and Center, and then, connect your PC to the wireless router/access point.

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