How to build your music library on the Center.



  • It takes some time to convert the ripped tracks into MP3 files. During the conversion, the ACTIVE indicator lights up green.

  • Do not remove Center's power plug from the wall outlet

  • Do not switch the Center to Eco Power mode while the ACTIVE indicator is on and within 15 mintues after the indicator is off.


  1. Insert a music CD into Center's CD loader, CD graphic printed side facing you.

  2. Press RECORD (or REC on the remote) to enter the recording mode. Display shows list of CD tracks with the checklist boxes by default all selected.
  3. Press to highlight the track.
  4. Press MARK•UNMARK to select or deselect the tracks to be recorded. To select/deselect all tracks, press and hold MARK•UNMARK.


  5. Press OK to start recording. Display shows ripping status.


  6. To find your ripped tracks, select HD source and use navigation controls and to enter All tracks (for individual tracks) or Albums.

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