How to mount your Center and Station onto walls.


Ask a qualified person to help you with the wall mounting, who should:

  • To avoid unexpected damage, learn about the piping, wiring and other relevant information inside your walls.
  • According to your walls’ materials, decide what type of screws you need to fix the mounting brackets and hold the weight of a Center or Station.
  • According to the drilling requirements, choose suitable drilling tools.
  • Take other precautions necessary for the wall mounting work.

What’s in the supplied mounting kits

What else you'll need

  • 8 x screws for fixing the Center’s bracket
  • 6 x screws for fixing the Station’s bracket
  • Drilling tools (e.g. electric drill)

Mounting your Center and Station
  1. To find a suitable location for mounting, try your necessary rear connections and the Wi-Fi connection between Center and Station.
  2. Align the bracket (for Center or Station) in the chosen location on a wall. Use a pencil to mark the drilling positions.


  3. Drill holes as marked.
  4. Fix the brackets to the wall using suitable screws (not supplied).
  5. Fasten the supplied screws to your Center or Station using a screwdriver.


  6. To detach the stand from Center or Station, hold down the Lock•unlock button(s). Then move out the stand to detach.


  7. On Center, insert the supplied protective card sheet where the stand was installed.


  8. Hook and mount Center or Station in place.

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