No Power


  • Batteries not inserted. Insert batteries in the battery compartment and press PLAY.
  • Batteries not correctly inserted. Insert the batteries again and make sure that they are placed in the correct direction and polarity as marked in the compartment.
  • Batteries are empty. Use fresh batteries. If rechargeable Ni-Cd/NiMH battery pack is being used, then recharge the battery pack.
  • A/C adapter poor connection. Plug the A/C adaptor securely into the wall outlet and have the D/C plug fully inserted into the 4.5V D/C socket of the unit. Press PLAY.
  • Wall outlet power switched to OFF position. If you are plugging your unit into a wall outlet that is operated with a switch, insure the switch is turned on.
  • Power supply failure. There may have been a power outage or you may have an electrical problem. Try plugging your unit into another outlet - if that doesn't work contact an electrician.

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