What can I do to if the image becomes distorted when I turn on the progressive scan feature?


  1. Press SYSTEM MENU.
  2. Press to select the VIDEO SETUP PAGE, then press OK.
  3. Press to select PROGRESSIVE, then press .
  4. Press to choose ON or OFF, then press OK.

    • If Progressive Scan is not detected, the VIDEO SETUP PAGE will reappear. Repeat steps 3-4 to set PROGRESSIVE to OFF.
    • If you realize you do not have Progressive Scan, choose CANCEL and press OK. Repeat steps 3- 4 to set PROGRESSIVE to OFF.
  5. Press SYSTEM MENU to exit.

You can also deactivate Progressive Scan manually by performing the following steps:

  • Press OPEN/CLOSE on the DVD player to open the disc tray.
  • Press numeric keypad ‘1’ on the remote control.

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