How do I use ShowView to program a recording?


  1. Switch on the TV and select the video channel.
  2. Switch on the recorder and press the TIMER button on the remote control to access the Timer menu.


  3. Select ShowView® System and press OK to access the ShowView® menu.


    Use the ◄/► keys to move to navigate the menu.

  4. Use the numeric keys (0-9) to enter the ShowView® code.
  5. The default settings for record mode, repeat setting and VPS/PDC are activated. You can change these settings by selecting the corresponding field in the menu.

    • Repeat - Press OK, use the ▲/▼ keys to enter the number of times that a recording will be repeated (None, Mo~Fr, Weekly) and press OK again to confirm.
    • VPS/PDC* - Press OK to activate or deactivate the VPS/PDC setting.

      * Programme Delivery Control (PDC) is a standard published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). This standard specifies the hidden codes in teletext signals that indicate when a programme starts and finishes. PDC is often used together with StarText, enabling the user to select a program to record with specially coded teletext programme listings. The combination of features is often called PDC/StarText. In Germany and some other European countries, the older standard Video Programming System (VPS) is in use. Effectively, the two systems do the same thing and most modern VCRs and stand-alone DVD recorders work with both signals. 
  6. When you are done, select Confirm Programming and press OK. The timer list menu appears.


  7. Press TIMER to confirm and exit the menu.

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