Can I watch something other than the program that I am recording?


While you are recording a TV show to the hard disk, you can play a previously recorded title, watch a DVD or monitor the signal from another device that is connected to your recorder. 

  • Playback from HDD - Press HDD, use ▲/▼ keys to select a title in the HDD content menu and press OK to start playback.
  • Playback from DVD - Press the  OPEN/ CLOSE button on the recorder’s front panel and insert a disc.
  • Playback from other device - Press TV/HDD to view the picture from the device which is connected to the EXT2 AUX-I/O socket of this recorder.
  • Watching other TV shows - Press TV/HDD to activate the TV mode. Use the TV’s channel up/down buttons to select another channel.

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