How can I use the Time Shift Buffer (TSB) to record a program to the hard disk?


The Time Shift Buffer offers you a fast way to record the program that you are currently watching. In this temporary buffer, your recorder automatically stores up to 6 hours of the broadcasts on the channel that you are watching. All you need to do is select the beginning and the end time of the video that you wish to save

  1. Press the  button on the remote control to display the Time Shift Video bar.
  2. Use the / keys to select  the beginning of the scene that you want to record and press PAUSE .
  3. Press the  REC button on the remote control. The video bar now changes to a field to enter the end time of the recording.

  4. Press the  REC button repeatedly to increase the recording time in 30-minute increments. You also can use the numeric keys 0-9 to enter the recording time.
  5. Press PLAY to return to the broadcast..
  6. Press the STOP   button or turn off the recorder to stop the recording before the scheduled ending. Press the CLEAR button if you wish to delete the recording.


To empty the storage buffer:

  1. Press the  STANDBY-ON button to turn off the recorder.
  2. Press the  DV or REC MODE button on the remote control to enter the Setup menu and select the Setup option.
  3. Select  Press OK to continue and press OK on the remote control.

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