How to connect a Personal Computer (PC) to a TV.


This LCD TV can be used as a PC. Your computer will have to be equipped with a VGA type video output and interface cable (not supplied). (One end with VGA type connector, the other end with DVI-I type connector.)
  1. Connect VGA end of the interface cable (not supplied) to the computer, while connecting the other ends to the DVI INPUT jack on the LCD TV.
  2. Although audio connections are not required, the LCD TV can reproduce the computers audio out by an AUDIO ADAPTER to the Audio output jack on the computer (if available) while connecting the other ends of the Audio cables to the PC AUDIO Jacks on the bottom of the TV.
  3. Plug the DC Adapter into the DC IN 16V jack on the LCD TV. Plug the power cable into an outlet. Turn on the LCD TV and PC.
  4. Press the AV+ button until PC MODE appears on the screen.
Note: For PC function, it just accepts analog input via DVI-I type connector.

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