TV has good sound, but poor picture.


Adjust picture using AUTO PICTURE button on remote:

Whether you’re watching a movie or a video game, your LCD TV has video control preset that will match with your current program source or content.  Auto Picture quickly resets your TV’s video controls for number of different types of programs and viewing conditions that you may have in your home.  The Personal, Rich, Natural, Soft, and Multimedia, Auto Picture controls have been preset at the factory to easily adjust the TV’s brightness, color, picture, sharpness, tint, and color temperature levels.  In the Personal auto picture mode you can create your own preferred video settings.

  1. Press the AUTO PICTURE button on the remote control.  The current Auto Picture setting will appear on the screen.
  2. Press the AUTO PICTURE button repeatedly to select either Personal, Rich, Natural, Soft, or Multimedia.

Note: The Personal mode is the only mode which can be adjusted by the user via the onscreen picture control menu.

Check antenna connection:

Check the antenna or cable TV input connection to ensure that it is properly secured to the television's antenna input. 

  1. If connection is good, check if the antenna or cable TV input is connected via ecternal device (such as VCR, DVD Recoder or cable box) and then bypass the external device and connect the signal directly to your television.
  2. Select weak signal mode via the smart picture settings in case your VCR or TV antenna signal is showing a lot of noise or strange patterns.

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