Component(YPbPr) connection.


Component Video input provide the highest possible color and picture resolution in the playback of digital signal source material, such as with DVD players. If you are using a HD (High Definition) receiver that can transmit high definition programming, the TV can accept those signals through the Component input located on the bottom of the TV.
  1. Connect the component (Y, Pb, Pr) Video OUT jacks from the DVD player (or similar device) to the COMP(onent) VIDEO Input jacks on the bottom of the LCD TV.
  2. Connect the red and white AUDIO CABLES to the Audio (left and right) output jacks on the rear of the accessory device to the AUDIO IN jack. Connect the other end of the cable to the Audio jack on the rear of LCD TV.
  3. Plug the DC Adapter into the DC IN 16 V jack on the LCD TV. Plug the power cable into an outlet. Turn on the LCD TV and other equipment.
  4. Press the AV+ button on the remote control to select HD. HD will appear in the upper left corner on the TV screen.
  5. Insert a DVD disc into the DVD player and press the PLAY button on the DVD Player or turn on your receiver.
Note: The Philips LCD TV remote control can not be used to operate other video/audio equipment.

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