How to change record modes?


With RECORD MODE picture quality and max recording time (below between brackets) is defined.
  1. Press remote 'TUNER' button, then 'SYSTEM MENU' button.
  2. Press the cursor down to PREFERENCES, then press cursor right button.
  3. Press cursor down to RECORD MODE, press cursor right button.
  4. Press the cursor up/down to select a mode:
      - M1 = high quality (60 min)
      - M2 = standard play (120 min)
      - M2x = standard play plus (150 min)
      - M3 = long play (180 min)
      - M4 = extended play (240 min)
      - M6 = extended play plus (360 min).
      - M8 = super extended play (480 min).
  5. Confirm with 'OK' button, then YES and then press again the 'OK' button.
  6. Press remote 'SYSTEM MENU' button to exit the menu.

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