Which issues are solved by upgrading the software?



  • Readability of DVD+R Dual Layer discs has been improved.
  • Readability of commercial discs has been improved.


  • Bug fixed in Service and Diagnostic mode. Not relevant for the customer.


  • new features
    • EPG programme information becomes accessible (when broadcast) from within the Guide or Browser
    • The following navigation speeds were added for the hard disk: 64x, 128x and 256x
    • You can also exit the CAM mode by pressing TUNER button
    • Playback of dual layer DVD+R discs possible

  • Problems solved
    • A large number of empty titles remain visible in the hard disk browser after a Timer Recording
    • Sometimes Timer Recordings from an external input have no audio.


  • Problem: Pin 8 of the SCART I connector will switch after the recorder completes a timer recording that was started from standby. This will result in your TV to switch the external input for a few seconds when the timer recording is finished.

    Solution: Corrected pin 8 behaviour (Europe only)
  • Problem: It is not clear what the message “disc full” means.

    Solution: Improved messages related to a movie that does not fit on a DVD disc.
  • Problem: Some disturbance in data signal during copying camcorder content via I.LINK to the hard disk.

    Solution: Improved copying behaviour
  • Others:
    • Default sorting in media browser is now changed from ‘alphabetic’ to ‘last recorded’
    • Improved playability (mainly VCD and MP3)
    • Improved TV Guide behaviour


  • Problem: Some channels in the guide editor change from ON to OFF and no longer appear in the grid. The user has to switch them ON again.

    Solution: Major improvement in CNI scanning. (EU only)
  • Others:
    • Implemented EPG version 1.19 to control SKY boxes to switch them ON and OFF (EU)
    • STOP key added to stop recording: If you press STOP the recording will be stopped at the ‘live TV’ point.
    • CAM key improvement: you can now use CAM key to enter and leave camcorder mode. With CHANNEL+ and CHANNEL- you switch between CAM 1 and CAM 2.
    • The question ‘Dealer mode ON or OFF’ that appears during first installation wa removed. Demo movies can still be played from Hard Disk via the HDD media browser. During playback you can press the GREEN key to repeat the movie continuously.


  • Others: Implemented Nordic languages (EU only)

CF1.2 - First software

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