How to do Timer Recording. (VCR Plus+® System)


  1. Turn on the TV and select the channel number/input for the DVD Recorder (channel 3 or 4 or the Audio/Video In channel).

  2. With the Recorder on, press TIMER on the remote control. The programming method selected last is marked.

  3. Select 'VCR Plus+ system' using  or and confirm with .

  4. Enter the entire PlusCode number. This number is up to 8 digits long and can be found next to the start time of the TV program in your TV listings magazine.
    • e.g.: if 5-234-89 or 5 234 89 is the listed VCR Plus+ code, enter 523489 for the PlusCode number.
    • If you make a mistake, you can clear the entry with CLEAR.

  5. Press OK to confirm.

  6. The decoded data appears after confirmation. You can go back and change the data. Select the appropriate input field with or . Change the information with , or the number buttons 0......9.

  7. If all the information is correct, press the OK button. The information is stored in a TIMER block.

  8. To end, press TIMER.

  9. Insert a recordable disc in the Recorder. The disc is checked.

  10. Locate on the disc the position where you want to start the recording. Press STOP.

  11. Turn the Recorder off with STANDBY . The programmed recording will only function properly when the DVD Recorder has been tunred off using the STANDBY  button.
    If any of the TIMER blocks are in use, 'TIMER' will light up on the display.

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