How to do Manual Recording.


  1. Turn on the TV power. Select the correct Video In channel at the TV.

  2. Insert a DVD+R(W).

  3. Press TUNER on the remote control to see the TV programs, then press to select the channel you would like to record.

    To record from an external device, press button "0" on the remote control followed by  to select the correct input channel that matches the DVD recorder input you are using.

    • CAM 2 : DV IN jack at the front

    • CAM 1 : S-VIDEO or VIDEO with AUDIO L/R jacks at the front

    • EXT 2 : IN-EXT2, S-VIDEO (Y/C) or VIDEO (CVBS) jacks at the back

    • EXT 1 : IN-EXT1, COMPONENT VIDEO jacks at the back

  4. Press REC to start recording.

  5. When recording from an external device, you have to start play on the external device.

  6. To stop the recording, press STOP. ‘MENU UPDATE’ or ‘CREATE MENU’ appears on the display panel to indicate
    that the DVD recorder is writing the list of contents. Wait until the message disappears before removing the DVD+R(W).

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