The message IS THE TV ON? appears on the display panel after I have switched on the TV.


This recorder will not operate until you complete the first installation.

  1. Press STANDBY-ON to turn on the recorder.

  2. Turn on the TV to the correct programme number for the recorder (e.g. ‘EXT’, ‘0’, ‘AV’).
    You may go to Channel 1 on your TV, then press the Channel down button on your TV’s remote control until you see {CINEMA LINK} or {LANGUAGE AND COUNTRY} menu appear on the TV.

    • CINEMA LINK - If your TV has Cinema Link or a similar feature, downloading of the TV channels will start automatically. When the data transfer is complete, press OK on the remote control to continue with the time-date download. Next go to step 7.
    • LANGUAGE AND COUNTRY - If { Language and Country } menu appears on the TV, use keys to select the desired menu language and press to confirm.

  3. Select the country of your residence.
    • Highlight {Country} and press , then use keys to select and press to confirm. If your country is not available in the list, select {Others}. 
    • Highlight {Done} and press OK on the remote control.

  4. The TV format menu appears on the TV. Select the appropriate TV shape according to the TV you have connected.

    • Highlight {TV Shape} and press , use keys to select and press to confirm.
    • Highlight {Done} and press OK on the remote control.
  5. The Channel Search menu appears on then TV. Select {Channel Search} in the menu and press OK on the remote control to start.
    It takes a few minutes to complete.

  6. After the channel search is finished, the total number of found and stored channels appears, press OK to continue.

  7. The time and date menu appears.
    • If the information is correct, select {Done} in the menu and press OK.
    • If changes are required, use the alphanumeric keypad 0-9 to enter the correct time and date in the respective field.

  8. The basic installation is now completed.
    • Select {Continue} in the menu and press OK to start the GUIDE Plus+ installation.
    • Select {Install later} in the menu to skip the GUIDE Plus+ installation. The next time when you want to install the GUIDE Plus+ system, press GUIDE on the remote control.

  9. Wait until the recorder has finished initialising the system, then press OK to exit.

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