How do I store the channels on my recorder in the same order as on my TV?


The tuner in your recorder works independently from the tuner in your TV. Therefore the channels may be installed in a different order. 

Your recorder´s ´Follow TV´  feature will assist you in storing the available channels on the same location as on the TV.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Press SYSTEM on the remote control to access the system setup menu.
  2. Press repeatedly to select {Setup} and press .

    A warning message appears. Press OK to continue or select {No} in the menu to abort the operation.
  3. Press repeatedly to select {Analogue Ch.}, then press to continue.
  4. Press repeatedly to select {Follow TV} and press to activate this feature.
  5. Press OK to confirm to the message on the TV. The message ‘TV 01’ will appear on your recorder´s display. Use the TV's remote control to select programme number {1} and press OK on the recorder's remote control.

    When your recorder finds the channel that is selected on the TV, it will automatically store the channel on the same location (as ‘P01’). 

    If the recorder is not receiving a video signal from the TV, the message ‘NO TV’ will appear.
  6. After confirmation, the message ‘TV 02’ will appear on your recorder´s display. Use the TV’s remote control to select programme number {2} and press OK on the recorder’s remote control

    Repeat these steps for all available channels.

    Note: Press BACK if you want to interrupt the follow TV process. 
  7. Press SYSTEM to exit the menu.


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