How do I set the parental lock level?


  1. Put the player in stop mode.
  2. Press the SETUP button on the remote to enter the main menu.
  3. Press the or button to select "Preference".
  4. Press the Play/OK button to enter "Preference".
  5. Press the  or button to select "Parental".
  6. Press the Play/OK button, the text box on the right side is highlighted.
  7. Press the or button to select the grade:
    • 1 KID SAF - Kids material; recommended especially for children and viewers of all ages. 
    • 2 G - General Audience; recommended as acceptable for viewers of all ages. 
    • 3 PG - Parental Guidance suggested. 
    • 4 PG 13 - Material is unsuitable for children under age 13. 
    • 5-6 PGR, R - Parental Guidance - Restricted; recommended that parents restrict children under 17 from viewing or allow to view only when supervised by a parent or adult guardian. 
    • 7 NC 17 - No children under age 17; not recommended viewing for children under age 17. 
    • 8 ADULT - Mature materials; should be viewed only by adults due to graphic sexual material, violence or language. 
  8. Press the Play/OK to confirm.
  9. To exit the menu, press the SETUP button on the remote again.

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