Set will not perform a timer recording.


  • Make sure the start and end times are correct.

  • Make sure a tape is in the VCR and the tape has a record tab.

  • Make sure the VCR power is off. The VCR will not remind you of an upcoming timer recording if the VCR power is on.

  • Make sure the clock is set.

  • The VCR may not complete a timer recording if the power fails for more than 30 seconds before or during the recording, even if the power is restored. Set up channels and reset the clock before resetting the recording(s).

  • Finish programming a timer recording at least five minutes before it is scheduled to begin.

  • If, after programming a timer recording, you turn off the VCR without inserting a tape, the red TIMER light will blink. Insert a tape with the record tab intact. If a tape without a record tab is inserted (when the power is off for a timer recording), the VCR will eject the tape.The TIMER light will blink.

  • If the tape runs out before the recording ends, the VCR will stop, eject the tape, and turn itself off.The red TIMER light will blink.

  • If the preset time for a timer recording comes up during a One-Touch Recording, the OTR has priority.

  • When two timer recordings overlap, the recording with the earliest start time has priority.When the earliest program finishes recording, the next program will record (only the time remaining). 

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