How to preset Tuner


Automatic Preset Programming

  1. Press TUNER to select TUNER mode.

  2. Press and hold PROGRAM until "AUTO" is displayed. The system will automatically store the radio stations with sufficient signal strength.

  3. When all the available radio stations are stored or the memory for 40 presets are used, the last preset radio station will be played.

  4. To stop storing the automatic preset. Press PROGRAM or on the system.


Manual Preset Programming

  1. Tune to your desired radio station.

  2. Press PROGRAM.

  3. Press PROGRAM again to store the radio station.

  4. Repeat steps 1–3 to store other radio stations.

  5. To exit manual preset mode, press on the system.


Tuning to preset radio stations

Once you have programmed the radio stations, press or to select the desired preset number.

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