How to set lauguage preference?


OSD Language Setting

  1. Press SYSTEM.
  2. Press to select General Setup Page.
  3. Use on the remote to select OSD Language and press .
  4. Select a language and press OK.
  5. To exit from the menu ,Press SYSTEM again.

Audio, Subtitle and Disc Menu language Setting

  1. Press SYSTEM in stop mode.
  2. Press to select Preference Page.
  3. Press to highlight the item as audio(disc’s soundtrack), Subtitle (disc’s subtitles)  and Disc Menu (disc’s menu)in the Preference Page.
  4. Enter its submenu by pressing .
  5. Select a language and press OK.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for other language settings.
  7. To exit from the menu Press SYSTEM again.

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