How do I copy recordings from the hard disk to a recordable DVD?


Before you start:
Make sure that the recordable DVD is unscratched and clean and that it has enough available space.

If you copy an edited title from the hard disk to a recordable DVD disc, none of the chapters marked as ´hidden´ will be transferred. 

If you are unable to fit a recording to a DVD, you will need to split the video into multiple titles and copy them individually. 

Remember that you need to finalize a DVD +R/-R if you want to play it on other devices. 

Turn on the TV and select the video channel.

  1. Insert a recordable DVD into the recorder.
  2. Press the HDD-BROWSER button on the remote control.
  3. Press repeatedly until the {TITLES} and {INFO} menus appear.
  4. Use the / keys to select a title to copy.
  5. Press the Green button on the remote control to copy the video.

    If you are using a DVD +RW/-RW, you can press / to select where on the disc you want to save the recording.
  6. To start recording, press the Green button again.

    • During the process the display will show “HDD TO DVD”.
    • Do not interrupt the process because doing so may render the disc unsuitable for further use.
    • Press the Yellow button if you want to cancel the procedure.


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