How do I Program the Disk Tracks?


  1. Load the desired disks onto the disk tray.

  2. Press CD/DISC 1/2/3 (or CD 1/2/3 on the remote control) to select a disk.

  3. In stop mode, press PROGRAM/PROG to start programming.

  4. Press or  repeatedly to select the desired track.

    • For MP3 disks, press ALBUM -/+ and TITLE -/+ to select the desired album and title for programming.
  5. Press PROGRAM/PROG to store the track.

  6. Repeat Step 4-5 to program other tracks.

To end programming, press STOP once.

To start program play, press PLAY/PAUSE.

To review the program, stop playback and press or  repeatedly.

To exit review mode, press STOP.



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