How do I wear the armband holder of my PSA?


To insert the PSA player in the armband:

  1. Insert the bottom of the PSA into the bottom of the armband (this is the end with the curve to it).
  2. Slip the rest of the unit into the holder. You may have to tug gently on the top edge for it to slip over the top of the PSA.

    Note: Player has been removed from the holder for clarity. You can leave the player in the holder while you put it on.
  3. Place the back of the arm holder against the front of your upper arm.
  4. Wrap the elastic band around the back of your arm.
  5. Slip the end of the band into the opening on the holder. (The velcro should be facing away from your arm.)

  6. Pull the band so it's secure but not too tight and fold it over so the velcro on the end is over the velcro on the rest of the band.

  7. Connect you headphones to the jack that is visible on the top of the player.

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