Connecting a VCR or cable/satellite box


  • Connect the system's AUX IN jacks to the AUDIO OUT jacks on the VCR or Cable/Satellite box.

  • Connect the system's VIDEO jack to the VIDEO IN jack on the VCR.

  • Connect the system's LINE OUT (R/L) jacks to the AUDIO IN jacks on the VCR. This will allow you to make analog stereo (two channel, right and left) recording.

  • Before starting the operation, press AUX on the remote control to select "AUX" in order to activate the input source.


  • Some DVDs are copy-protected. You cannot record or dub protected disks using a VCR.

  • You must connect the system to your TV system using the S-VIDEO or the Component (Pr Pb Y) video connection.

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