Connecting to a TV has a yellow CVBS Video In jack.


  1. Connect your Antenna or Cable TV signal to the ANTENNA jack on the rear of the DVD Recorder.
  2. Connect the yellow VIDEO OUT (CVBS) (EXT 2) jack of the DVD Recorder to the corresponding VIDEO IN jack on your TV. Use the supplied video cable, which has a yellow stripe on the cable end.
  3. Connect a supplied two-strand audio cable to the red and white AUDIO OUT (EXT 1/2) left and right jacks on the DVD Recorder and to the left/right AUDIO IN jacks on the TV. The supplied two strand audio cable has red and white stripes on the cable ends. Match the cable stripe colors to the jack colors.
  4. Connect the supplied power cord to the MAINS (AC Power) jack on the rear of the DVD Recorder. Connect the power cords of the DVD Recorder and the TV to a power outlet.
  5. Press the STANDBY-ON button on the front of the DVD Recorder to turn on the DVD Recorder. The STANDBY-ON light will turn green. If “TURN ON TV” appears on the display panel, you need to turn on your TV and set it to the correct Video In input/channel.
  6. Turn on the TV power. Set the TV to the correct Audio/Video In input/channel. Such channels may be called AUX or AUXILIARY IN, AUDIO/VIDEO or A/V IN, EXT1 or EXT2 or External In, etc. This is not channel 3 or 4 as it might be when using a VCR.

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