How do I finalize a DVD+R disc?


  1. When in the Index Picture Screen, press STOP to select the first Title on the DVD+RW/DVD+R.

  2. Press to enter the Disc Information Screen.

  3. In the Disc Information Screen, press to enter the Settings menu.

  4. Press to select Finalize disc (DVD+R only, if not finalized already).

  5. Press OK. “Finalizing disc” will appear until finalization is complete. This may take a few minutes. Then, the Index Picture Screen will reappear. You can not unfinalize a DVD+R, and you cannot record or edit the DVD+R after you finalize it. A DVD+R will play on other DVD Players only after the Disc is finalized.

  6. If necessary, press when you are finished and want to return to the Disc Information Screen.

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