Where can I get spare re-chargeable batteries?


Step 1: Find the Philips type number on your battery

Step 2: Check how many you need to buy

Step 3: Contact a local electronics retailer or parts shop and order the according Philips part number


Indication: Philips part number: Needed: Used in headphone type(s):

HB220S 9965 000 17223 2 pieces SBC HC8349/HC8350 


HB550S 9965 000 15757 2 pieces SBC HC650/HC850/HC8390/HC8391/HC8410/HC8650/HC8850



AY3362 3103 308 84122 6 pieces SBC BC8400 

EH2412 9965 000 25334 1 set SBC HD1500/HD15000U/HD1505U

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