I'm have problems installing the software from the CD on to my computer. What should I do?


  • You may have antivirus or spyware software enabled on your computer. Disable all antivirus and spyware software and try to install again.
  • You may have Zone Alarm installed. Please disable the Zone Alarm program by following the steps below
    1. When Zone Alarm software is installed and running on a PC, it can be seen as a tray icon as shown below:

    2. Right click on the Zone alarm software tray icon. The following menu will pop up.

    3. Select the "Shutdown Zone Alarm" menu option.

    4. Click "Yes" when asked for confirmation.

    5. The software closes after a few seconds and the user can start installation of Philips software from the CD.
    6. Once you have installed the Philips software make sure you restart your Zone Alarm program.

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