My GoGear is not playing back the music track in the expected order. Why?


Set your music files in the desired playback order by naming them in alphanumerical sequence such as 001_Drunken Monkey.mp3 followed by 002_Massachusetts.mp3 etc. prior to your transferring into the GoGear. If folders are being used, please also make sure that the folder names are also in alphanumerical sequence according to your playback order.

You could also try and use Windows Media Player 10 to download songs to your GoGear player. Make sure that you have enabled creation of folder hierarchy for your player. To do this

  1. Go to Tools->Options in Windows Media Player 10.
  2. Under the "Devices" tab , select your GoGear.
  3. Press "Properties".
  4. Make sure the "Create Folder Hierachy" box is checked.

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