My TV has no picture.


Press the menu button on the remote. If the menu does appear you are probably experiencing a signal or connection problem.

If you have a menu check the following:

  • Video inputs may be shared. If you have sound but no picture, check that audio and video inputs are going to same.
  • Check antenna connections at the bottom of the TV to see if they are properly connected to the TV.
  • Possible broadcast station trouble. Try another channel.
  • Adjust the contrast and brightness settings. Try another auto picture setting.
  • Check the Closed Captions control. Some TEXT modes could block the screen.
  • Check if you selected the correct AV source. (For LCD TV with built-in DVD player, the correct DVD source is AV1.)

If you have been watching the set and you loose picture:

Your TV has a protective mode in case the appliance overheats. Check the clearance around the vents of the device to be certain there are no walls or cabinets which would limit the flow of air.

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