How do I set, stop the alarm call and cancel the alarm?


To set the alarm:

  1. Use the / and  controls to select Alarm ->…
  2. Highlight and select ON then press to confirm your selection.
  3. Press / to adjust the hours. Press  and then the / to adjust the minutes.
  4. Press  to confirm and move to Alarm Repeat setting. Select either Once, Daily, Weekdays or Weekly.
  5. Press  again to select your Alarm source. Choose between MUSIC or BUZZER. Press  when you have reached the correct setting. (Otherwise, a 20-second time-out will also confirm the setting.)

To stop the alarm call:

"Snooze" (Repeat alarm)

  • During the alarm call, press any button (on the top / front panels), a confirmation message “press any key to cancel the alarm” will display, press any key again to cancel the alarm, and then alarm cancelled message will be shown.

For best results, we recommend you use the included adapter / charger to operate ShoqBox. AC power will ensure adequate and steady power.

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