How do I activate Progressive Scan?


Before you try to activate Progressive Scan, it is important to verify the following:

    • Your TV must be able to accept progressive signals
    • You have connected the DVD player to your TV using the component connectors (also named Y Pb Pr) 
  1. Turn the progressive scan of your TV off or activate its interlaced mode (refer to your TV´s user manual for detailed instructions).
  2. Press POWER on the remote control to turn on the DVD player.
  3. Select the correct Video Input channel. The blue DVD background screen appears on the TV.
  4. Press SYSTEM MENU (or SETUP).
  5. Press repeatedly to select {VIDEO SETUP PAGE}.
  6. Select {PROGRESSIVE} to {ON}, then OK to confirm. The instruction menu appears on the TV.
  7. Press to highlight OK in the menu and press OK to confirm. 

    Important:Your TV will now display a distorted picture on until you turn on it´s progressive scan mode.
  8. Turn on your TV progressive scan mode (refer to your TV user manual.)
  9. Press to highlight OK in the menu and press OK to confirm.

The set up is now complete and you can start to enjoy the superb quality of progressive scan video.

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