Connecting the player to a television. (TV set has a single Antenna In jack)


  1. You may have an Antenna/Cable TV signal (or from the Cable Box/Satellite Receiver/VCR) connected to your TV’s antenna input jack (VHF/UHF RF IN). Remove it from the TV and connect it to the ANTENNA-IN jack on the recorder.
  2. Use the supplied RF coaxial cable to connect the TV-OUT jack on the recorder to the antenna input jack on the RF modulator.
  3. Use a RF coaxial cable (not supplied) to connect the TO TV jack on the RF modulator to the antenna input jack on
    your TV.
  4. Use the supplied AV cables (yellow plug) to connect the VIDEO (CVBS) - OUTPUT jack on the recorder to the video input jack (or labeled as A/V In, Video In, Composite or Baseband) on the RF modulator.
  5. Use the supplied AV cables (red/white plugs) to connect the AUDIO OUTPUT jacks on the recorder to the audio input jack (or labeled as AUDIO IN or LINE IN) on the RF modulator.

Note: Remember when doing a recording, you will need to leave the reception device (cable or satellite box) on and tuned to the correct channel for recording. Timer recordings will not occur if there is no signal.

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