How do I set the XBox 360 for different resolutions?


Step 1
At the Game mode, press the Window Media Centre key on the RC (remote control).
Note: A menu will prompt you to ask you to exit the game.

Step 2
Select 'YES' and press the 'OK' key.
Note: The game console will prompt you with a menu to ask you whether you would like to connect to the internet.

Step 3
Press RC 'B' key to exit.
Note: The game console will go to the Media section of the Windows Media Center.

Step 4
Go to the System section and select Console setting via RC 'OK' key.

Step 5
Go to the Display item and select the Screen Resolution via RC 'OK' key.

Step 6
Go to the Screen Resolution item to select which resolution that supports your TV set via the RC 'OK' key.




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