How to play the digital tuner.


  1. Push the Source selector slider to TUNER.

  2. Press STOP/BAND  (or on the remote control) to select your desired waveband, FM or MW(AM).

    • For FM, adjust MONO•STEREO to STEREO.

  3. Press and hold or ( or on the remote control) until the frequency in the display starts running.

  4. Repeat step 3 if necessary until you find the desired station.

To tune to a weak station, press or  briefly and repeatedly until you have found optimal reception.

To improve radio reception,

  • For FM, extend, incline, and turn the telescopic aerial. Reduce its length if the signal is too strong.

    • To tune to a weak FM station, adjust MONO•STEREO to MONO.

  • For MW, the set uses a built-in aerial. Direct this aerial by turning the whole set.


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