Setting up Progressive Scan feature (for Progressive Scan TV only)


  1. Press DVD to put the DVD/VCR in DVD mode. DVD light will appear on the front of the DVD/VCR. 

  2. When playback is stopped, press SYSTEM/MENU (or DVD/SETUP). The QUICK SETUP Screen will appear.

  3. Press to select CUSTOM at the top of the menu, then press OK.

  4. Press to select { DISPLAY }, then press OK.

  5. Press to select PROG. SCAN (or PROGRESSIVE), then press OK repeatedly to turn PROG. SCAN (or PROGRESSIVE) ON or OFF. Choose ON if your TV has Progressive Scan and if the TV is connected to the player’s COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks. Choose OFF otherwise. The default setting is OFF.

  6. Press SYSTEM/MENU (or DVD/SETUP) to remove the menu.

    If PROG. SCAN (or PROGRESSIVE) is ON, this message appears:

    Press to make a selection, then press OK. If you select NO, the menu disappears and PROG. SCAN (or PROGRESSIVE) is OFF. If you select YES, this appears:

    Confirm your setting, then press OK. The menu will disappear and the Progressive Scan function will be activated.
    If you do not press any buttons for 15 seconds, Progressive Scan will switch to OFF.

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