What are the different connection methods to get video?


This connection allows you to view the disc playback from the recorder. You only need to choose ONE of the options below to make your video connection.

Option 1: Using a Video (CVBS) cable(good picture quality) 

Use the supplied audio/video cables (yellow plug) to connect the VIDEO (CVBS) OUTPUT jack on the recorder to the video input jack (or labeled as A/V In, Video In or Composite) on the TV.


Option 2: Using an S-Video cable(better picture quality)

Use an S-video cable (not supplied) to connect the S-VIDEO (Y/C) OUTPUT jack on the recorder to the S-Video input jack (or labeled as Y/C or S-VHS) on the TV.


Option 3 : Using a Component Video cable(best picture quality)

Use the component video cables (red/blue/green - not supplied) to connect the Y PB PR OUTPUT jacks on the recorder to the corresponding component video input jacks (or labeled as Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr or YUV) on the TV.

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