How to program TV channel. (Manually Program)


  1. Press SETUP on the remote control. The setup menu appears on the TV.
  2. Use keys to highlight { SETUP MENU - GENERAL } and press .
  3. Use keys to highlight { Manual Program - Edit } and press . Use keys to one of the options and press .  Note: If you are connected to a satellite receiver you must use it to change channels.  Your device will only pick up the output channel of the receiver.

    • { Name } – Use P +/- to select by the channel name for modifying.
    • { Frequency } – Use keys to adjust the frequency. Press OK on the remote control to confirm the setting.
    • { Fine tuning } – Use keys to fi ne-tune the frequency.
    • { Skip } – Use keys to select { Yes } if you wish to skip this channel.
  4. To confirm the changes, press { OK } on the remote control exit to the previous screen.

    Note: If your source is AIR you will only get up to channel 69.  If you are using CABLE you will get up to channel 125.

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