How do you set up/de-activate the Progressive Scan feature (for Progressive Scan TV only)?


  1. Turn off your TV progressive scan mode or turn on to the interlaced mode (refer to your TV’s user manual)

  2. Press SETUP on the remote control. The system menu appears on the TV.

  3. Use keys to highlight {System Menu - VIDEO} or {Setup Menu - VIDEO} and press to access.

  4. Use keys to highlight {Progressive Scan} and press to access.

  5. Use keys to select one of the options.

    • { Off } – Select this to disable progressive scan feature.

    • { On } – Select this to enable progressive scan feature.

  6. Press OK to confirm your selection.

  7. To exit, press SETUP.

  8. Turn on your TV progressive scan mode (refer to your TV’s user manual).

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