I cannot find the files that I downloaded to my GoGear .


  • When a WMA file has been protected within Windows Media Player, the files are then unable to be copied and sent to the GoGear . This will cause the files to be seen within Windows Media Player library, but will not appear or playback within the GoGear . When ripping your music from CD please always make sure that the “Copy-protected music” option at Tools->Options under the Rip Music is unchecked.
  • You may have transferred the file using Windows Explorer to the Data folder. Tracks transferred through Windows Explorer will not be viewable/playable on the device. Transfer your music to the Music folder instead.
  • If you cannot find any tracks on your player but you can see those tracks on your player via Windows Explorer, you have to repair your device with Philips Device Manager
    1. If you have not already installed the Device Manager, follow the on screen instructions to install the Device Manager from the installation CD or download the latest version of the Device Manager application from
    2. Connect your GoGear to the PC.
    3. Make sure all other applications such as Philips Plug-in, Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer that access the device are closed or else Device Manager will not recognize the device. Launch the Device Manager at Start->Programs->Philips GoGear HDD->Philips GoGear HDD on your PC. Select the REPAIR tab on the dialogue box and then click Repair to start repairing.
      IMPORTANT: All music & content of your will be erased once the GoGear is repaired.
    4. Once the repair is complete a dialogue box will pop up; click OK and unplug the GoGear from the computer.
    5. Follow all on screen instructions to complete the repair.
    6. The Device Manager will close automatically once the success message is displayed. Close all opened application and then unplug your GoGear.
    7. Once the GoGear is disconnected from the computer, the display will show “Firmware Upgrading” for a couple of seconds and then start up as usual.

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