My GoGear has no power or shows nothing on the display.


  • The battery of the GoGear may be empty; recharge the GoGear by connecting it to your computer.
    For units that have not been used for quite a while, the battery may be fully drained, you will need to recharge it for at least 30mins in order to build up sufficient power to wake up the device showing the connection icon on display when connecting to the computer.
  • You may not have held the Power On/Off button long enough. Press and hold the Power On/Off button until the display turns on (approx. 3 seconds).
  • If nothing works, try doing a soft reset by inserting a small pin or other sharp object into the reset hole located at the back of the player. Hold until the player shuts down.Note that your songs and data will not be lost or corrupted by a soft reset.

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