Record from an external device (Camcorder/VCR/DVD Player) on Hard Disk


  1. Connect the external device to this recorder.

  2. Turn on the TV to the correct program number for the recorder (e.g. ‘EXT’, ‘0’, ‘AV’).

  3. Press STANDBY-ON to turn on the recorder. If no TV program appears on the screen, press TUNER on the remote control.

  4. Press SOURCE repeatedly to select the correct input channel that matches the connected jack of the device.

    • { EXT 1 } - EXT 1 TO TV I/O scart socket at the back.

    • { EXT 2 } - EXT 2 AUX I/O scart socket at the back.

    • { CAM 1 } - VIDEO socket on the front.

    • { CAM 2 } - S-VIDEO socket on the front.

  5. Press REC to start recording. You can also press REC repeatedly to increase the recording time in 30-minute increments.

  6. Start playback on the connected device. To pause the playback on the device, press . To continue, press again.

  7. To stop the recording before the scheduled ending, press STOP .

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