Disc for recording


  • DVD±RW (DVD Rewritable)

    • Discs that are re-writable can be used for multiple recordings once existing data is erased.

  • DVD±R (DVD Recordable)

    • Discs can only be used for a single recording. Each new recording is always added at the end of all previous recordings as existing recordings cannot be overwritten.

    • Editing can be done on DVD±R discs as long as they have not been finalised.

    • You can also delete unwanted recordings. However, the disc space occupied by the deleted recordings cannot be recovered for further recording.

    • To play a DVD±R disc on other DVD player, it must be finalised. After this is done, no more data can be added to the disc.

  • DVD+R DL (DVD+R Double Layer)

    • Like the DVD+R, these discs can only be used for a single recording. The only difference is the capacity- 8.5GB. It offers two recordable layers on a single DVD disc. The layers are accessible from the same side of the disc, so recording can occur completely uninterrupted.

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