Timer recording (ShowView/VIDEO Plus+ system)


  1. Turn on the TV power. Select the correct Video In channel at the TV.
  2. Press SHOWVIEW or VIDEO Plus+ on the remote control. The SHOWVIEW® or VIDEO Plus+® System menu appears.

  3. Use the numeric keypad 0-9 to enter the SHOWVIEW® or PlusCode programming number for the show you wish to record. (e.g. : 5-312-4 or 5,312 4, key in ‘53124’.)
    • To clear the SHOWVIEW® or PlusCode programming number, press CLEAR on the remote control.
    • To cancel the SHOWVIEW® or PlusCode programming, use keys to select [ CANCEL ] in the menu and press OK.
  4. To confirm your entry, select [ CONFIRM ] in the menu and press OK.
    • The SHOWVIEW® or VIDEO Plus+® programme information will be shown on the timer editor menu.
  5. Press to select { Dest. } in the menu and press .
  6. Select the recording destination (DVD or VCR) and press OK.
    • If the channel number of the TV channel has not been assigned to the programming number, you will have to manually key in the channel number that is assigned to the SHOWVIEW® code or PlusCode. Follow the instructions on the TV.
  7. Press TIMER to exit the menu.
  8. Insert a recordable DVD or VHS tape into the recorder.
  9. Press STANDBY-ON to turn off the recorder to standby mode.


  • If the recorder is not in standby mode, a warning message will appear three minutes before the recording starts.
  • The ‘TIMER’ icon will light up on the display panel if a timer recording is set.

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