Timer recording (Manually)


  1. Switch on the TV to the correct viewing channel for the recorder (e.g. ‘EXT’, ‘0’, ‘AV’).

  2. Press TIMER on the remote control. The timer schedule appears.

  3. Select an empty field and press OK. The timer editor menu appears.

  4. Use keys or the numeric keypad 0-9 to select or enter the recording information, then press OK to confirm.

    • { Source } - Select the TV channel or the correct input source (EXT1, EXT2 or CAM1) which you have used to connect the external device.

    • { Dest. } - Select the recording destination, DVD or VCR.

    • { Rec Mode } - Select the mode of recording.

    • { Mode } - Select a desired repeat recording mode (Once, Daily, Weekly, Mon-Fri, Mon-Sat or Weekend).

    • { Date } - Enter the date for recording (Day/Month/Year).

    • { Start } - Enter the start time of recording (hours : minutes).

    • { End } - Enter the end time of recording (hours : minutes).

    • { VPS/PDC } - Turn on or off the VPS/PDC setting. Note: VPS/PDC settting is not available for the external receiver.

  5. Use keys to select [ OK ] in the menu and press OK. The system will store the timer entry and return to the timer schedule list.

  6. To cancel the above timer setting, move to [ CANCEL ] in the menu and press OK.

  7. Press TIMER to exit the menu.

  8. Insert a recordable DVD or VHS tape into the recorder.

  9. Press STANDBY-ON to turn off the recorder to standby mode.


  • The ‘TIMER’ icon will light up on the display panel if a timer recording is set.

  • If the recorder is not in standby mode, a notification message will appear three minutes before the recording begins.

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