Sound Effect Selection


MAX Sound

  • Press MAX SOUND (or MAX on the remote control) repeatedly to activate & deactivate MAX Sound feature to get the best mixture of various sound features (DSC, VAC, DBB, for example).

VAC (Virtual Ambience Control)

  • Press VAC to select : CINEMA, HALL or CONCERT.

DSC (Digital Sound Control)

  • Press DSC to select : OPTIMAL, JAZZ, ROCK or TECHNO.

Note : Only one of the above sound effect can be selected.

DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost)

  • Press DBB to select : DBB 1, DBB 2, DBB 3 or DBB OFF.

Incredible Surround

  • Press and hold DBB•INC SURR (or DBB/IS on the remote control) to magnifie the virtual distance between the front speakers for an incredibly wide, enveloping, stereo effect.

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