Remove the commercial message from the recorded TV program


  1. Make sure the DVD±R is unfinalized if you are using DVD±R for editing. You cannot edit a DVD±R after it is finalized.

  2. Press DVD on the remote.

  3. Press TITLE. Title list will appear.

  4. Using to select a desired title. Press OK.

  5. Using to select “Edit”. Press OK. Edit menu will appear.

  6. Using to select “Chapter Mark”. Press OK. Option window will appear.

  7. Press PREV  or NEXT , REW  and FFW  and then PAUSE to decide the point at which you will create a new chapter mark for the commerical message.

  8. Using to select “Add”. Press OK. Confirmation window will appear.

  9. Using to select “Yes”. Press OK. There is a new chapter for the commercial message only.

  10. Using to select “Current Chapter”. Press OK. Option window will appear.

  11. Using PREV or NEXT , PLAY and PAUSE to select the the commercial message chapter to be hidden.

  12. Using to select “Hidden”. Press OK.

  13. After this operation is completed, press BACK twice to exit.

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